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Take Control of your Briefs

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

This workshop is designed to help delegates develop a single-minded creative brief and to understand the importance of this by seeing the difference between a single-minded and effective piece of communication vs confusion.

The aim of this training is to enable the people to be able to handle themselves at a Client briefing, and in doing so, be able to put together a better creative brief, avoiding time-wasting for creatives that leads to unnecessary rebriefs.

It’s also about helping them find the ‘insight’ to make the brief truly inspirational.

In three sessions with pre-work and homework in between.

Part 1 –  90 mins

  • Delegates present pre-work 

  • How to get an objective brief

  • Homework (20 minutes) after the session

Part 2 - 90 mins

  • Present homework

  • How to write the brief

  • Homework 30-45 minutes

  • 1-2 tutor time for 20 minutes per pair

Part 3 – 1 hour

  • Delegates present back

  • Some watch outs, check learning

For Account handlers/junior planners up to Account Director level.  10 delegates Max.  5 hours​

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