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How to be a Brilliant

Brainstorm Facilitator

Image by Chris Montgomery

Everyone can have ideas.  Sometimes the most unlikely people can come up with some total gems, and if the group work as a team – some amazing ideas can be untapped and made to work.  This session is all about how to facilitate a brainstorm (large or small) to bring out the creative side of people and allow them to let themselves go.

The workshop includes all the structural practices that are important, but the real aim of the session is to arm potential brainstorm facilitators with very practical, instantly applicable tools to go and run a really successful and uplifting session that generates brilliant but sellable results.

Participants will learn:

  •     Preparation – preparing yourself and everything you need to do before hand  

  •     The key structure of any brainstorm – large or small

  •     How to warm up the group and level the playing field

  •     Tools to stimulate great ideas

  •     How to stop the negativity and bring in the ‘introverts’ 

  •     How to keep the group energised

  •     Adding meat to the best ideas, and finally, how to get the brilliance sold

Ideal for Senior Account Managers, Account Directors upwards, and great for Planners of all levels.  Up to 15 delegates max.

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