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Leadership Training

& Managing People

Image by Brooke Cagle

The best Account Managers are promoted to Account Director because they are great at what they do and have great potential.  They are not necessarily promoted because they are natural leaders.  They often struggle with the step change, and either ‘micro-manage’ (‘I mean no one can do it better than I did!’) or it all goes to their head and they become the big ‘I am’.


Using Myers Briggs to help them understand themselves and others first and foremost, and then working with them to really understand their leadership style, how they like to be led, and how they need to adapt their style depending on who is reporting into them.  Also included in the training day, is a section on ‘Managing Up’, and a section on ‘delegation’ and ‘managing shortfall’.


This course is ideal for newly promoted or about to be promoted Account Directors - up to 15 people over 1 day.

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