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How to Handle Difficult People

Image by Headway

This training is designed to show people how to get the best out of the people they deal with, whether it’s managing up or down, internally or externally.  Using the Myers Briggs personality profiling tools and dichotomies, delegates will learn a lot about themselves, and about the different kind of people that they deal with, understanding better, the people they find difficult.

Success measures sought will be to see improved and more effective relationships resulting in better working environments both internally and externally.

This course is very much designed for creative businesses and it’s great for all levels.

In three sessions with pre-work and homework in between.

Part 1 –  2 hours 

  • Emotional Intelligence – how to get some

  • Understanding yourself and in doing so understanding others

  • Understand yourself - Using the Myers Briggs personality profiling tool

  • Extrovert vs Introvert

  • Sensing vs Intuition

  • Thinking vs Feeling

  • Judging vs Perceiving

Part 2 - 90 mins

  • Becoming an adult  - Transactional Analysis

Part 3 – 2 hours

How to better handle conflict:

  • Making friends

  • Communication styles/body language

  • How can you influence people?

  • Listening Skills

  • How to say no and still look good

Try to keep the levels as close as possible.  8 people max. 

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