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Pitching, Storytelling

and Winning

Image by Austin Distel

Pitching is the hardest thing that we do.  This is a course designed to demonstrably increase a teams chances of winning a new business pitch.  It covers:

  1. Understanding your audience and building chemistry with the client

  2. How to start the pitch and bring it to life

  3. Six examples of how to weave a story into the presentation

  4. How to create a winning structure.

Part 1 –  90 mins

  • Current pitch style assessed (there will be pre-prep, one  pair will be picked to present the Agency creds)

  • Understanding your audience - homework

Part 2 - 2 hours

  • Building rapport – delegates feedback

  • How to start the pitch, setting the tone for the presentation – Six storytelling techniques to connect your pitch with your audience - homework

Part 3 – 2 hours

  • Storytelling – delegates each present a story

  • Different Presentation Structures to cover most scenarios – homework

Part 4 – 90 mins

  • How to bring the pitch to life, make it memorable - Pitch Theatre exercise

  • How to demonstrate to the Client you want their business

This works well with Management teams across all disciplines. 7 hours with 8 people max. 

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