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Presenting With Confidence


Presenting on Zoom/WebEx/Teams is now becoming the new normal.  There are tricks/skills /techniques – it’s not just do what comes naturally, and in three sessions – on three consecutive days, you will learn some top tips to help you excel in this area. Designed to enable people to have the confidence and belief that they can be great presenters.  Key focus is on preparation, knowing why you are giving your presentation, and who to.  Having a great structure, storytelling and how to F.A.R.T.

Part 1 –  2 hours

  • Introductions

  • Delegates talk about their passion for 1 minute with feedback from tutor and delegates

  • How to structure your presentation argument – homework in teams for 30 minutes

Part 2 – 2 hours

  • Presenting back as a team! With tutor feedback. 

  • How to start your presentation and bring key points to life with particular emphasis on storytelling – homework 10 minutes as individuals.

Part 3 – 2 hours

  • Present their story to the room.  

  • Understand why you’re presenting and who your audience is and building rapport

  • Key delivery techniques as requested by delegates, eye contact/voice/nerves etc

  • Finale, talk about what we learnt, and how we can put this into practice.

  • Extra bit of added value 10 minutes – for whoever wants it, how to get the most out Zoom

  • It’s great for Account handlers, Creatives, Media people and Planners. 6-8 people Max.  Ideally 3 consecutive days 2 hours each day.

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