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Selling Creative Work

Image by Balázs Kétyi

This course was founded on the premise that good work does not sell itself.

The objective of this course is to save the agency money, to get ideas sold in first time, and avoid needless rebriefs.

It is designed to be very interactive, and the structure covers all aspects of preparation, through to the actual sell, and then keeping the work sold.  Delegates will get the opportunity to practice how it should be done.

The course includes discussing and understanding the importance of ideas, how to judge the work, and how clients judge work, how to prepare for a presentation, and then presenting the work itself.

Good with Account Handlers/Planners/Creatives. All levels up to and including AD, Senior Planner, any level Creative.

Part 1 –  2 hours

  • Delegates come armed with an example of a piece of work they have previously presented with the creative and client brief.  One volunteer delegate will present to the group for critique by the tutor. 

  • Focus on session is about the training and about the importance of an idea.  Exercises in break out rooms putting people into pairs.

Part 2 – 2 hours + 1 hour of homework

  • How to prepare for a creative presentation

  • Delegates working in pairs will have homework, they should spend 45 minutes with their partner working on this.  Tutor will come into each group for 10 minutes of support/advice.

Part 3 – 2 hours

  • Selling the work

  • Each team/pair has a final 20 minutes to prepare their presentation in breakout rooms

  • Each team then presents to the group with tutor feedback.

  • How to keep the work sold

This course runs over 3 consecutive days 7 hours (including homework) for a max of 10 people.

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