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Power Hours on Zoom

Image by Glen Carrie

These are bite-sized chunks of intense learning and can run weekly.  They are designed to be a blast of motivating energy for your teams.  1 hour of practical and interactive learning:

Power hours

  1. How to start your presentation and bring it to life

  2. How to structure your presentation

  3. Storytelling in presenting

  4. How to handle nerves when presenting and be the best that you can be

  5. The importance of the Creative idea

  6. A crash course in how to sell a creative idea

  7. How to prepare for a negotiation

  8. Influencing Skills

  9. How to write a creative brief

  10. Top tips to get to the insight

  11. Myers Briggs – how to develop a better understanding of yourself

  12. How to manage shortfall and give difficult feedback

  13. How to be a better leader

  14. How to better prioritise

  15. How to better handle difficult people

  16. How to run a classic brainstorm on Zoom

  17. Methods of generating ideas for Brainstorms

  18. How to better handle conflict

  19. How to become an adult – Transactional analysis

  20. Ten ways to build Resilience

  21. Pitching – 10 Top Tips

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